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Asia Pacific Electronic Coin (apecoin) Live chart

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Asia Pacific Electronic Coin logo Asia Pacific Electronic Coin APECOIN
$ 1.96 -10.60% 10 000 000 000 0 Trade!

Asia Pacific Electronic Coin (apecoin)

APECoin (Asia Pacific ELectronic Coin, pronounced as Ah-PEC-Coin) is a Green Cryptocurrency, conceptualized and designed to help mother nature. This is one of the cryptocurrencies in the market that has a value linked in the preservation of our planet. A single significant APECoin makes a massive impact. The projects that are linked with APECoin are 1)Solar Renewable Energy 2)Waste to Energy Production 3)Production of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria. Aside from the mentioned projects, we also have a direct individual participation.Such as Tree Planting, Plastic Trash Collection, Water Clean-up Drive, Non-usage of Plastic, Non-burning of Plastic Garbage, Lesser Domestic Energy Consumption, Lesser usage of Motorized Vehicle, and Lesser usage of Office Paper and the like. These initiatives have equivalent coins to obtain after a thorough inspection. In a span of few years, we opt to see positive results from the time it is initiated on the ground. Specifically, it will reduce pollution. Less pollution leads to an environmental healing. As soon as the environment starts to heal, a significant breath of fresher and cleaner air traverse freely. Automatically our body adheres to a positive change, thereby improving the immune system while eliciting positive thoughts that are interconnected to all aspects in life. Be an advocate for environment. Act now & obtain your APECoin reward!

Asia Pacific Electronic Coin Top Trading Bots

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Quinoia Kryll strategy poster


+ 683.35%
Launched Sep 6, 2021 (CAPP-BTC)
Teseo Kryll strategy poster


+ 670.48%
Launched Jun 14, 2021 (MANA-USDT)
Enigma Original Kryll strategy poster

Enigma Original

+ 647.02%
Launched Jul 7, 2021 (VRA-USDT)
Enigma V5 Kryll strategy poster

Enigma V5

+ 627.25%
Launched Jul 3, 2021 (SOUL-BTC)

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1 APECOIN / ETH Vindax $ 58 713 263 532.92 Trade!
2 APECOIN / BTC Vindax $ 48 124 118 760.43 Trade!
3 APECOIN / USDT Vindax $ 26 708 465 838.79 Trade!
4 APECOIN / VD Vindax $ 351 057 190.05 Trade!