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Snowball (snob) Live chart

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Snowball logo Snowball SNOB
$ 0.18 -1.37% 18 000 000 15 160 057 Trade!

Snowball (snob)

SnowBall is the Governance Token for SnowBall Finance on the Avalanche Network. Snowballs are used to direct the resources of the SnowBall Treasury and allocation of snowball incentives. Snowball is governed by the IceQueen Contract which is controlled by Governance. The SNOWBALL distribution started on block 443700, around March 3rd, 2021. SNOWBALLS will follow a monetary policy that caps the growth of the supply. The distribution of SNOWBALLS will be as a liquidity incentive to our globes, creating Snowglobes. We plan to launch 15 million snowballs to users over the first million blocks with a step wise function every 200k blocks, for a total of 18 million snowballs before governance exerts additional control of future monetary policy.

Snowball Top Trading Bots

The cake is a lie, these numbers are not

Market Alert Kryll strategy poster

Market Alert

Launched May 21, 2021 (BTC-USDT)
🐙 OCTO BOT [V2] Kryll strategy poster


+ 522.32%
Launched Mar 7, 2021 (MATIC-USDT)
🐙 OCTO BOT [V2] Kryll strategy poster


+ 503.71%
Launched Mar 8, 2021 (ETC-USDT)
GAÏA Evolution [V15] Kryll strategy poster

GAÏA Evolution [V15]

+ 484.09%
Launched Apr 18, 2021 (MATIC-BTC)

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1 SNOWBALL-TOKEN / AVAX Pangolin $ 30 472 731 527.39 Trade!