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Firulais (firu)

What’s the Firulais Finance project? Firulais Finance is a community-focused DeFi project that made a fair launch of Firulais (FIRU) cryptocurrency. The startup plans to release three products. The first is NFT Marketplace, where users could stake $FIRU tokens and get rewards with NFTs. The second product is FiruWallet, available on iOS and Android. It will allow people to store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Finally, the devs want to launch a FiruDex – a decentralized crypto exchange with low commissions. As a result, users could trade and swap ERC20 assets to BEP20 tokens. What’s the FIRU token? The FIRU token is an ERC20 token with an auto-reward function. So, the Firulais smart contract takes a 2% fee from each transaction to reallocate them among all existing token-holders. That’s how Auto Rewards Farming (ARF) works. Moreover, the Firulais team does not have tokens because 50% of the total supply is on Unicrypt, while the remaining coins are on the burn wallet. Also, the management aims to issue $FIWT Token for the transactions’ payments between FIRUWALLET – FIRUDEX. So, $FIRU token-holders will get a share of $FIWT emission for free.

Firulais Top Trading Bots

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Enigma Original Kryll strategy poster

Enigma Original

+ 567.10%
Launched Jul 7, 2021 (VRA-USDT)
Manaia Panda 🐼 Kryll strategy poster

Manaia Panda 🐼

+ 490.26%
Launched Mar 4, 2021 (MATIC-USDT)
Manaia Panda 🐼 Kryll strategy poster

Manaia Panda 🐼

+ 443.06%
Launched Aug 14, 2021 (MTV-USDT)
MOONLIGHT Ultimate - V9 - 🌘 Kryll strategy poster

MOONLIGHT Ultimate - V9 - 🌘

+ 423.88%
Launched Jun 9, 2021 (ETHBULL-USDT)

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1 WETH / 0XE276056F924E15BEAC26F7B10B6D2805F9C64BB5 Uniswap (v2) $ 913 840.72 Trade!
2 FIRU / ETH Tokpie $ 46 032 689 918 243 454 976.00 Trade!