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CrossFi (crfi) Live chart

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CrossFi (crfi)

CrossFi brings together stakeholders in the filecoin ecosystem looking to utilize decentralized finance. Two leading filecoin mining manufacturers, Dataline and DCTech, are early supporters and have worked directly with the CrossFi tech team to develop the initial solution utilizing CrossFi’s MAP technology. The key value CrossFi brings to the DeFi space is to give liquidity to locked digital assets similar to a bond. For example, filecoin users can stake their FIL on the filecoin network using the CrossFi protocol and mint an equivalent value amount of ERC20 compliant liquid cFIL. This is a two-way reversal process, meaning users wanting to later unlock their staked filecoin must send the equivalent amount cFIL to the redemption contract, executing a burn of the synthetic cFIL for a small settlement fee. As the protocol-supported liquidity pool is chain-agnostic and utilizes synthetic assets, there is virtually zero slippage as a result of asset swapping.

CrossFi Top Trading Bots

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Enigma V5

+ 475.44%
Launched May 9, 2021 (ROSE-BTC)
Enigma V5 Kryll strategy poster

Enigma V5

+ 414.83%
Launched Mar 29, 2021 (ATOM-USDT)
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Enigma V5

+ 391.40%
Launched Sep 6, 2021 (ROSE-USDT)
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Enigma V5

+ 385.51%
Launched May 12, 2021 (VRA-BTC)

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1 CROSSFI / BUSD PancakeSwap (v2) $ 10 201 783 219.73 Trade!
2 CROSSFI / 0XE9E7CEA3DEDCA5984780BAFC599BD69ADD087D56 Dodo (BSC) $ 2 784 856 499.79 Trade!
3 CRFI / USDT Bittrex $ 31 262 546 014.66 Trade!
4 CROSSFI / ETH Uniswap (v3) $ 0.00 Trade!